Attention Online Content Creators…

Online content creators, bloggers, influencers — wineries producing content for digital distribution — it’s time to file copyright applications for your works. The U.S. Copyright Office now offers the Group Registration for Short Online Literary Works (GRTX) registration option for “short online literary works” such as articles, columns, essays, blog entries, short stories, poems and social media posts. The GRTX option allows applicants to register up to fifty (50) works with a single application and filing fee.

In order to use GRTX registration option, the literary work must contain between 50 and 17,500 words and must be published first as part of a website or online platform, including online newspapers, social media websites, and social networking platforms. Please note that emails, podcasts, audiobooks and computer programs cannot use the GRTX registration option, even if they contain 50 to 17,500 words and were first published online.

For assistance in getting your literary content registered with the U.S. Copyright Office under the economical GRTX registration option or otherwise, please contact Katja Loeffelholz.