GARNET Trademark Sold by Saintsbury; To Become Stand-Alone Pinot Noir Brand

Saintsbury, owner of the GARNET trademark for wine (U.S. Reg. No. 1,669,670), has sold the brand to the principals of Silverado Winegrowers, a long-time grower for Saintsbury and the GARNET brand with vineyard holdings throughout California.  Saintsbury has used the GARNET mark along with its SAINTSBURY house mark in the manner shown in the label below:

The new owners have indicated that they intend to establish GARNET as a stand-alone brand for a 100% estate-grown Pinot Noir line of wine sourced from their vineyard holdings, including their Carneros vineyards that served as a source for the GARNET wine produced by Saintsbury.  The new owners have also acquired Saintsbury’s Sonoma production facility that was used to produce the GARNET wine to ensure a seamless transition of the brand.

An examination of the Trademark Register at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office indicates that Saintsbury was very successful in preventing others from registering marks similar to, or encompassing the mark GARNET, thereby maintaining a broad scope of protection for the mark.  This allows the new owners greater flexibility in transitioning the mark from a brand used in association with the SAINTSBURY house mark to a stand-alone brand with its own distinct brand significance.

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