In Memory…

A year ago, we lost our colleague and great friend, Greg Walsh.  Greg died of a heart attack at age 42.  At DP&F, we have been celebrating Greg’s memory in many ways over this last year, and this week we honored Greg by holding a CPR training at our Napa office.  We were fortunate to have City of Napa Firefighter/ Paramedics, led by Kevin Horn, come to us for a 30 minute training on Hands Only CPR.  The training is easy and free, and Kevin will gladly come to your business to do the same or connect you with the appropriate training resource in your jurisdiction.  You can reach Kevin at [email protected].  To inquire about trainings in Sonoma County follow this link.

Another tool for saving lives is being generously subsidized by Ron Rubin Winery.   In collaboration with American Red Cross and ZOLL Medical Corporation, Ron Rubin Winery is covering the cost of AEDs (defibrillators) for qualifying wineries.

Hands Only CPR and AED trainings are straightforward and can prepare you for acting immediately in an emergency.   Great resources are available to make the greatest possible difference.