New Employment Laws for 2018

It is a new year, which means new employment-related laws.  Here is a quick look at the highlights:

  • Minimum wage is $10.50 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees.  It is $11.00 per hour for everyone else.
  • The new IRS reimbursement rate for business travel is 54.5 cents per mile, up one cent from last year.
  • Employers can no longer ask applicants about criminal history before a conditional job offer is given.
  • Employers can no longer ask applicants questions about their salary history.
  • Employers with 20 or more employees must provide eligible new parents up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work to bond with new child.
  • Employers are prohibited from allowing ICE to enter nonpublic areas of employment or access to employment-related documents (such as Form I-9’s) without a warrant.

For a detailed look at the new employment-related laws please refer to this document.