John Trinidad Article Cited in U.S. Treasury Report

An article written by DP&F partner John Trinidad, “Why Wine Producers Hate Franchise Laws,” for Wines & Vines has been cited by the U.S. Treasury in a report released in February 2022 on the topic of competition in the beverage alcohol industry. The report, titled, “Competition in the Markets for Beer, Wine, and Spirits,” was released in response to an executive order by President Biden made in the summer of 2021 aimed at promoting competition in various sectors of the U.S. Economy.

In the report, the Department focused on the potential anticompetitive effects of state franchise laws, noting that they are particularly burdensome for craft producers, especially smaller, developing producers.

Media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, Reuters, and Wine Business have begun responding to the report’s release, with further response from the business and legal communities expected regarding the implications for the industry.