TTB Issues Ruling re COLAs for Beer

Breweries wishing to sell beer within their home states got a break from TTB as part of the federal government’s ongoing efforts to streamline the alcohol beverage label approval process.  In a ruling issued on March 27, 2013 the TTB announced that there is no need for them to apply for either a certificate of label approval (“COLA”) or a certificate of exemption for domestically bottled beer sold solely in the state in which it is bottled.  The TTB also reiterated that all beer — whether sold in interstate commerce or solely in state — must abide by federal labeling requirements (including the health warning statement).

This rule only applies to malt beverages.  Wineries must still apply for a COLA or a certificate of exemption even if their wine is sold solely instate.  

The TTB’s ruling is available at:

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