Groundwater Legislation Not Sinking

As California’s severe drought deepens legislation moves upstream in Sacramento regarding groundwater.  Historically the State of California has not had jurisdiction over groundwater, but with serious groundwater depletion issues in most of the key agricultural regions exacerbated by this historic drought, the current is now sweeping us all toward State oversight of this precious resource.  Senate Bill 1168 and similar Assembly Bill 1739 are both out of committee now and headed after recess to the floor of the legislature in the near future.  Both bills focus on local or regional groundwater monitoring and regulation, which will require greater groundwater use reporting by pumpers.  Regardless of the politics of groundwater regulation, here is a link to some thought provoking reports on California’s groundwater situation.  We’ll keep you apprised of the legislature’s consideration of these Bills and how what is ultimately passed may affect Wine Country’s vineyards.