Preliminary 2010 California Grape Crush Report Released – Used as Pricing Measure in Grape Purchase Contracts

The preliminary 2010 California Grape Crush Report was released today, February 10, 2011.  The report shows that 3.58 million tons of wine grapes were crushed in 2010, down 3% from the 4.095 million tons crushed in 2009.  Red wine varietals were down only 1% from 2009 while crushed white wine grapes were down 6% from 2009.  Overall, 2010 grape prices decreased by 5% from 2009.  Average prices for red wine grapes were $625.19, down 7 percent from 2009. 

The Grape Crush Report is not only an indicator of the strength and activity of the industry for a given harvest year, but due to its break down of grape pricing by varietal and regional district, the report is also used in many cases to determine per ton grape prices for future harvests pursuant to the terms of many grape purchase agreements.  Depending on the specific pricing mechanisms incorporated into the grape purchase agreement, prices as reported for one harvest year can have cumulative impacts on future harvest prices.  

The preliminary 2010 California Grape Crush Report may be found at the following link:

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