TTB Takes Position on Information to Be Included On Wine Websites

Recently, the TTB has been in contact with wine industry members regarding changes required to the landing pages of their websites.  Under federal regulations governing the labeling and advertising of wine (27 CFR 4), an advertisement for wine “shall state the name and address of the permittee responsible for its publication or broadcast.”  According to the TTB, this regulation requires that the name and address of the basic permit holder appear on the landing page of a company’s website.  The TTB considers the landing page of a website the original or first page that comes on the screen when the website address is typed in. Therefore, even where the landing page of a website is just a click-through to other more detailed pages, the name and address of the permit holder must still be included on this initial landing page to comply with the TTB’s interpretation of this regulation.  The TTB confirmed that a full address is not necessary to satisfy this rule – only the city and state listed on the basic permit needs to be included. 
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