John Trinidad Teaches Wine Law for Berkeley Law 2022 Executive Summer Courses

Wine Law (Summer 2022)
Berkeley Law Executive Summer Courses
June 14 – 23, 2022

DP&F Partner John Trinidad will teach a course in Wine Law during the 2022 Summer Session at Berkeley Law for the Executive Summer Courses and LL.M. Degree Programs. John has been a lecturer at Berkeley Law, UC Davis School of Law, and has also taught wine law classes at Sonoma State University’s Executive MBA Program and the University of California Davis Executive MBA Program.


California accounts for 81 percent of all wines produced in the United States and is the fourth largest wine producer in the world behind France, Italy, and Spain. The California wine industry has an annual impact of $57.6 billion on the state’s economy and $114 billion on the national economy. Wine is the number one finished agricultural product in the state.

This course examines the major legal issues facing the wine industry in the areas of constitutional law, administrative law, and intellectual property. Specific topics include Prohibition and Twenty-first Amendment jurisprudence, federal and state alcohol beverage regulatory systems (market structure, licensing, product standards, trade practices), wine labeling, and appellations of origin.

The Executive Summer Courses program at Berkeley Law is designed for practicing attorneys looking to expand their knowledge of topics that pertain to their practice. More information about the program and how to apply is available here.