The Internet’s Impact on Wine Law

The Internet’s Impact on Wine Law

DPF attorney John Trinidad gave a presentation at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law in October 2013 on the impact of the Internet on the regulations that govern the wine industry.  During his presentation, Mr. Trinidad provided an overview of how the spread of e-commerce in the wine industry, and how it influenced the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Granholm v. Heald.  discussed third party marketing, California’s guidelines thereto, and New York’s recent hearings on Internet marketing.  Other topics discussed include:

  • The evolution of third party marketing;
  • California’s guideliens for third party marketers and recent developments in New York;
  • How companies like Amazon are changing the wine industry and creating new opportunities for suppliers;
  • Evolving mobile commerce opportunities for members of the wine industry; and
  • TTB’s social media guidelines;

For more information on third party marketing, internet marketing, or wine law in general, please contact John Trinidad at [email protected].

COVER - Trinidad Presentation Wine and Internet

Trinidad Wine Internet and Law Presentation 2013-10-23