2013 Employment Reminders (Happy New Year!)

As of January 1, 2013 most California employers must comply with a handful of important new laws.  Here are two that should top your list:
1. Commission Agreements:  Employers must have a written and signed commission agreement for all employees who receive any part of their compensation in the form of a commission. (Labor Code §2751)
2. Personnel File Requests:  Employers are now required to provide copies of personnel files to current and former employees.  Employers are also required to have a form that current and former employees can use to request a review and/or copy of their records.  (AB 2674, revised Labor Code §1198.5)

For questions about compliance with these laws or the handful of other changes in employment law for 2013, please contact Greg Walsh ([email protected]) or Jennifer Phillips ([email protected]) in DP&F’s Labor& Employment Group (707.524.7000).  

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