Wine and Spirits Law Academy (Sept. 8-10, 2014)

DP&F attorneys Scott Gerien, Jim Terry, and John Trinidad will be panelists at the Wine and Spirits Law Academy.  The conference, co-sponsored by UC-Davis and the Wine & Law Program from the Université de Reims (Champagne, France), brings together an international group of practitioners and academics to discuss some of the key legal and regulatory issues facing the wine and spirits industries.  Of […]

Cava Considers Adoption of Single Estate Classification

In an effort to raise the Cava brand image, the Cava Regulatory Board (Consejo Regulador del Cava) has announced plans for the establishment of a “Single Estate” classification — Cava del Paraje Calificado – for use on wines sourced from single, estate owned vineyards and allow DO Cava wines to compete in a premium price […]

First Cigarettes, Now Alcohol: Toward “Plain Packaging” For All

Strict packaging regulations in countries outside of the U.S. (particularly Asian countries such as Thailand) for products considered to pose public health risks is nothing new.  We have seen health warnings covering virtually the entire package, and graphic depictions of diseased lungs, kidneys  and other organs adorning alcohol and cigarette packaging in the past. Now […]

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