Trade Secret Law in the Agricultural Industries

On July 25, 2015, DP&F Senior Intellectual Property Counsel Chris Passarelli gave a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentation entitled “Trade Secret Law in the Agricultural Industries at the 2015 Regional Conference of the American Agricultural Law Association before members of the California State Bar’s Agribusiness Law Standing Committee, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Cal Farm Bureau Federation and ag practitioners from across the country.

Presentation available here.

Wine Law Basics

DP&F Senior Alcohol Beverage Counsel Bahaneh Hobel gave a presentation on Wine Law Basics at the CalCPA Wine Industry Conference which took place in the Napa Valley on December 8, 2014.


gTLD Presentation at IP Seminar

DP&F Senior Intellectual Property Counsel Chris Passarelli gave a presentation on the Trademark Clearinghouse & Geographical Indications in the New gTLD Program as Chair of The Seminar Group’s I.P., Food & Wine Seminar which took place in the Napa Valley, October 16-17, 2014.

Presentation available here:


Faculty consisted of noted food and beverage industry experts, including:

Wendell Lee, General Counsel and Information Technology Officer, Wine Institute; Matthew D. Botting, General Counsel with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control; Stephen Meyer, Co-Chair of the Food and Agriculture Practice at Downey Brand; and Scott Gerien, Managing Partner and Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice Group at Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty.

The program qualified for 12.5 hours of MCLE, including 1.0 hour of Substance Abuse credit.

For more information regarding the Trademark Clearinghouse, Internet domains, brand protection and enforcement matters, contact Chris Passarelli.

The Legal Complexities of Unauthorized Dealers, Grey Market and Parallel Importation

Chris Passarelli recently presented a continuing legal education (CLE) program at the State Bar of California 87th Annual Meeting in San Diego on behalf of the Business Law Section.  Attached are the written materials for that program.

Contact Chris Passarelli for any inquiries related to strategic enforcement in the online auction, distribution and supply chain integrity, grey market, parallel importation and counterfeiting context.

Unauthorized Dealers

DP&F Showcases Domain Enforcement Expertise

Don’t forget to check out Chris Passarelli and Scott Gerien’s recent continuing legal education (CLE) presentation for the Business Law Section of the California State Bar, entitled, “2014 Hot Topics: Domain Enforcement and Brand Protection: The Rise of gTLDs” originally presented via webinar on July 17, 2014.

This program qualifies for 1 hour of general MCLE credit, courtesy of the State Bar of California. The recorded version is now available for purchase on the State Bar’s online CLE Catalog.

A copy of the presentation materials is available here.

The introduction of new generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD’s”), such as .wine and .cocacola, has created an environment which presents challenges for the protection of brands worldwide.  Literally thousands of new gTLDs are emerging at this time, with a corresponding increase in expense to brand owners, who must monitor and enforce trademark rights against third parties filing the new domains.  This program explores aspects of the gTLD rollout of importance to brand owners, including new and old enforcement mechanisms and the newly-established Trademark Clearinghouse intended to facilitate protection of established brands, and looks at some of the peculiar challenges faced by Geographical Indication interests, and in particular – the wine industry.

*Also be on the lookout for Chris Passarelli’s upcoming feature article on ICANN’s introduction of new top-level domains, including the controversial <.wine> domain, as part of the New gTLD Program, entitled: “Meet the new digital frontier: .wine” to be featured in the September 2014 edition of Practical Winery & Vineyard Management.

gTLD presentation

Trademark Protection for Wine in China

In Fall 2013, DP&F’s Katja Loeffelholz was a guest lecturer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s new Wine and Viticulture program on  “Protecting Your Intellectual Property Assets in the Wine Industry” which reviewed the various aspects of wine labels and packaging that can be trademarked, copyrighted and patented. Ms. Loeffelholz also presented detailed information on protecting trademarks abroad, focusing on protecting wine brands in China. Her presentation can be found through the links below.



The Internet’s Impact on Wine Law

DPF attorney John Trinidad gave a presentation at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law in October 2013 on the impact of the Internet on the regulations that govern the wine industry.  During his presentation, Mr. Trinidad provided an overview of how the spread of e-commerce in the wine industry, and how it influenced the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Granholm v. Heald.  discussed third party marketing, California’s guidelines thereto, and New York’s recent hearings on Internet marketing.  Other topics discussed include:

  • The evolution of third party marketing;
  • California’s guideliens for third party marketers and recent developments in New York;
  • How companies like Amazon are changing the wine industry and creating new opportunities for suppliers;
  • Evolving mobile commerce opportunities for members of the wine industry; and
  • TTB’s social media guidelines;

For more information on third party marketing, internet marketing, or wine law in general, please contact John Trinidad at

COVER - Trinidad Presentation Wine and Internet

Trinidad Wine Internet and Law Presentation 2013-10-23