Trademark for Alcohol Held Confusingly Similar to Identical Mark for Cigars

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) recently refused registration of the mark MOCAMBO for rum based on a prior registration for the mark MOCAMBO for cigars.  In refusing the registration, the TTAB found that rum and cigars are complementary products in that cigars are enjoyed with a glass of fine rum and are marketed together for simultaneous consumption.  As a result, the TTAB concluded that consumers seeing these products labeled with the identical mark would likely believe that the goods originate from the same source and as a result the marks are confusingly similar.  To read the full opinion in this case follow this link: In re Licores Veracruz.

While this case did not involve a mark for wine, the same result likely would have followed if the goods at issue were wine and cigars since these goods are also marketed together for simultaneous consumption.  This decision is important because it indicates that in clearing a mark for adoption and use on wine, identical marks on complementary goods such as cigars must also be considered in the analysis.

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