Napa County to Consider Minimum Parcel Size for Winery Development

Napa County’s Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee will be holding a hearing on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 9:00 am to discuss (1) the minimum parcel size for establishing new wineries in the agricultural preserve, (2) the net loss of vineyards associated with winery development and/or expansion; and (3) the role of estate grapes in winery production.  The hearing takes place at 2741 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Building 2, and public comment is welcome.

The full agenda for Monday’s meeting and other material for that meeting can be found at: http://services.countyofnapa.org/agendanet/MeetingDocuments.aspx?ID=4410

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  • Hal Forcey
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 08:22:40

    in regards to modifying the minimum parcel size for winery development, does Napa County’s Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee have the right to amend Napa County’s Board of Supervisor’s WDO #947, that established the 10 acre parcel size in 1990? If so, would the County be subject to a lawsuit by people who purchased 10 acre parcels for the purpose of establishing a winery, who have not yet been able to undertake the process? Increasing the minimum parcel size could be looked at as a “County Taking” as it could have a significant negative impact on an individual’s underlying land value on parcels over 10 acres, which no longer can be developed to winery use.


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