Compliance With Bottle Bill Just One Month Away for Wine and Spirits


On January 1, 2024, California’s container recycling deposit system (referred to often as the “Bottle Bill”) will expand to include wine, spirits, and wine and spirits coolers (regardless of ABV). Below is a brief overview of what wineries, distilleries, importers and wholesalers of wine and spirits need to do to comply!

Register with CalRecycle as a Beverage Manufacturer and/or Distributor

Register with CalRecycle as soon as possible to prepare for monthly payment and reporting requirements beginning January 1, 2024.

  • California-Based: California wineries and distilleries, and importers of wine or spirits into California, will need to register as a “Beverage Manufacturer.” They will also need to register as a “Distributor” if they sell to retailers (whether on-sale or off-sale), restaurants, bars, or directly to consumers.
  • Out-of-State: Out-of-state wineries and distilleries with a California Wine Direct Shippers Permit, and that sell directly to California consumers, will need to register as a “Beverage Manufacturer” and a “Distributor.”

 Processing Fees and California Redemption Value (CRV)

  • Beverage Manufacturers Pay Processing Fees: Beverage manufacturers (as defined above in bold) will need to pay CalRecycle processing fees for each wine or spirits beverage they sell to wholesalers or retailers (whether on-sale or off-sale) in California from January 1, 2024. These fees depend on the type of container material. The fee per glass bottle is $0.00576. Their first report for January 2024 will be due on March 10, 2024.
  • Distributors Pay CRV: Distributors (as defined by CalRecycle and noted above) will need to pay CalRecycle a CRV for each wine or spirits beverage they sell to consumers, restaurants, or bars from January 1, 2024. There is an exemption for bottles opened at the winery or distillery for tasting purposes.  These fees depend on the size of the container.  For bottles smaller than 750 mL (less than 24 fluid ounces), the CRV is 5 cents/bottle.  For bottles 750 mL or larger (24 fluid ounces or more), the CRV is 10 cents/bottle.  For boxes, bladders, pouches, or similar containers (regardless of size), the CRV is 25 cents/container. Distributors don’t need to pay CRV for alcoholic beverages opened and poured for on-site consumption at CA ABC licensed tasting rooms. Distributors can keep 1.5% of the processing fees as an administrative fee, which CalRecycle will automatically calculate. Distributors’ first report for January 2024 will be due on February 29, 2024.

CRV Statements on Bottles

  • CRV Statement: From July 1, 2025, all wines and spirits containers sold in California (except those containers filled and labeled before January 1, 2024) must be labeled with one of five CRV statements: “CA Redemption Value,” “California Redemption Value,” “CA Cash Refund,” “California Cash Refund,” or “CA CRV.”
  • Exempt Containers: All wines and spirits containers sold in California that were filled and labeled before January 1, 2024 are exempt from and not subject to the labeling requirements of the Bottle Bill. No new labels or statements will have to be added to these products.
  • Appearance of Statement: The CRV statement must be clearly, prominently, and indelibly marked and can be added on the actual label or by sticker (but not on aluminum cans), stamp, embossment, or other similar method. The Bottle Bill also has other, very prescriptive rules about the appearance of the CRV statement.

For more information about the Bottle Bill, see our previous blog post or email Bahaneh Hobel, Alexander Mau, or Theresa Barton Cray.